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Working with influencial leaders

Towards Next Generation Learning

Cooperate with worldwide influencial leaders.

Rob Van Kranenburg

Internet of Things Chairman

Dr. Philipe Reinisch

Future of Travel Chairman

Wolfgang Sieberth

Generation Europa Chairman

Jean Marteau

Global School Initiator

Be ready for the c4d token & Next Generation Blockchain Ecosystem

Support your work, entrepreneurship & creativity

Join the challenge and outsource your requirements to the talent pool to make life more beautiful.


What if your experience inspired someone to invent the wheel?

Engage in the global society

Have you heard about asset validation, talent management and knowledge transferability?






Global School for creatives

When Blockchain Meets Synergies & Passion

Cooperate with worldwide collectives supporting blockchain, crypto awareness, cryptoart & crypto-education.



Creative-commons protect and support creativity & cryptoart contributors

Cursuri & Friends

The collective initiated by A. Vasile counts number of creatives & influencers


Community laboratory

Support of remote field experts via the com-lab and steemit-austria


Supported by the com-lab or community laboratory, the SteemSchool is the first experiment of the Global School to provide offline and online platform with asset validation and a framework for learning. With a cursus dedicated to bring to the steem blockchain ecosystem a first generation of educated steem users, future steem ambassadors, developers, creatives and entrepreneurs who are willing to push the boundaries of the steem environment to make it appear as landmarks in the city (See The Idea Machine: City Points).


With a Social Impact Network, a Super Hosts Alliance, a Super Guest Program, remote and local support specially dedicated to explorers, remote workers and nomad learners. The Neomad School offers world schoolars online and offline "come together" and hands on support to the community raising awareness on global issues as well as advocating for Open Source and Open Knowledge. Neomad School is developing a framework for developement impact dedicated to the global community of modern travelers and nomads.


Following the idealist white paper of ONO and the experience of the firsts generation of SPs and power users of the ONO platform, the onoschool aims to educate future users rather than to police them. To achieve its goal OnoSchool cooperate with 51 International partners as well as with ONO Core team to ensure the prosperity and care of the next generation of users to achieve ONO goals by developing onocenters and the onofoundation as a headquarter for ONO in Europe and new media learning ecosystem.

Global School for researchers

Make Excellence Accessible to Everyone

Cooperate with world schoolars, ngos, institutions and companies of every scale.

Successful training starts way before participant arrives and has impact all along learners lifes


That is also why...


Developing innovation frameworks, technology & human system in order to make live more beautifull.

Hacking to Improve Ubiquitous Socio-Technical System

Embedding ideas to entrepreneurship & co-creation through blockchain

Our main work is to develop a collaborative platform. We create the iAme (I)de(a) (M)achin(e) to support us all in understanding ideas and their pathway to realization.


TeamWork Achievments & Awards

Specialized in conceiving and implementing awareness raising campaigns in the sectors of development aid, education, arts and culture, environment and energy.


With more than 500K taylored learning & social impact experiences delivered per year

Each cursus is co-designed case by case for each learner.

Global School for learners

What and why do we learn?

The holistic co-learning experience allows participant to have both, a better view and understanding of the the work from various perspectives.

Holistic co-learning experience

During the practice learners get the occasion to be in the role of a contributor, an idea holder, a project developer, a team leader and also participate to the interviews and evaluations of new or/and older participants.

Transdiciplinary methodologies

All the materials are based on how to apply what you learned by using examples, activities, games, cases studies that match the industry and the participants.

Co-creative production process

At Global School, we don’t provide any standardised ready-made training programs. We offer tailored and based on business analysis, knowledge assessment, learning assessments and then build the material to be compatible.

Global School for developers

Core projects & transdisciplinary learning

Check out our running projects made with the participants



AI + Blockchain + Smart contract + Crowdsourcing



Scalable future media internet ecosystem mapping



Global School autonomous space experiement

Global School for Media & Tech experts

Join the first decentralized co-creative production pipelines

Check out the running projects made with the participants



Outsource to the news and communication agency



Resources and process for next generation media


MechSat 1

Satellite drone initiated by the mechatronic team


More than 100%

Global School for SMEs & brands

Challenges & opportunities of the next generation

Engage and enable talents to perform with us.


We co-design


+ 1000


We measure impact


+ 250000

human work hours

We fix problems


+ 10000000

unorganized data

Social Network Learning

You have a lot to work, so the network must take care of your problems with a focus on participation and engagement


Social Network Agency

Experience working in a multi sided work environment acting as a communication agency


Social Network Incubator

From concept to brand developement, activation and engagement


Mentorship Program

Run and grow your business by training the next generation of your brand leader


Social Impact Network

Participate to the social impact network and lorem ipsum lorem lorem ipsum

Realizing the Internet of Ideas Goals for 2025 & beyond

Global School builds The Idea Machine with you

Fuel, value chain, network & market the Idea Machine & the iAme blockchain based platform dedicated to future of travel, learning & co-creation

Source: The Internet of Ideas Consortium Endorsed by the MA 18 City planning budget and Smart City Wien from 2016.

Global Network Ventures

To achieve its goals, Global School provides identity & asset validation, benchmarking and certification for offline and online platforms.

Assets Validation

Assess experience and values with your ocommunity with local & remote contributors.

Value Network

Learn how to organize talents to deliver solutions for unique problems.


Get over all the processes from retro enginnering to validation and feedbacks at scale.


local partners


international partners


remote experts


remote volunteers

Join a Global Alliance

GlobalSchool provides independant regulatory and certification mechanism ensuring social and developement impact via its network of partners.

In order to achieve the Idea Machine work program and its features, Global School offers frameworks and an environment dedicated to a co-learning and co-creation experience through new media and innovation development.
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Create a Global School Chapter

Everyone can create and run a Global School chapter. Become a Global School Certified Member, ambassador, mentor or topic area expert and host Global School activities.

Step 1

Participate minimum to one cycle of GlobalSchool as learner

Step 2

Support the talent pool as mentor locally or remotely

Step 3

Get certified and ready to develop your project and features

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