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Since 2015 our team has been welcoming learners and students from all over the world by offering them support and validation of skills on concrete projects allowing them to establish a first mark on their CVs.

Learn 3D for web from scratch

Learn how to build 3d models and interactive 3d scenes for the web as well as how to monetize your skills while valorizing your local area by showcasing it online.

242,00€ TTC

4 Courses
4 x 60 minutes

DGM Consultant
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Earn with crypto without investment

Start your crypto journey with crypto blogging ! In this course you'll get to know how to produce quality articles on a topics that passionate you and earn with it.

87,50€ TTC

1 Course
1 x 50 minutes

DGM Consultant
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Create content that generate incomes

Explore multiples ways to produce quality media and content that generates incomes and learn how and where to monetize it to earn the most out of your passion.

181,50€ TTC

3 Courses
3 x 50 minutes

DGM Consultant
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Launch your business online

You have a business that you want to launch online but you dont really know how to do it? We have conceived this 8 weeks training program to help other people like you !

605,00€ TTC

5 Courses
5 x 45 minutes

DGM Consultant
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Launch your digital products business

In this 8 weeks program you'll learn how to launch you digital products business without being a pro in digital content. Our experts will assist you all along the process.

726,00€ TTC

8 Courses
8 x 45 minutes

DGM Consultant
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For Learners & Students

Explore your possibilities for career choices. Master the methods and tools of today's working world while validating your skills for your start in working life.


The experience can be done both face-to-face and remotely through our platform.

Opening oportunities

Discover career opportunities thanks to a wide choice possible thanks to our many partners.


Global School allows professional recognition of your skills through recognized experience.

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Do you want to learn how to launch your business on internet and make profit by sharing on a topic you are passionated about ?

Then this page is for you! Because your prospects are increasingly using social networks to subscribe to training, events and buy your products and services. Good thing, you offer solutions to their problems. And we'll show you how to create high-quality content so you can be available when they need it most!

DGM Consultant

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Validate your
graphics skills

Cooperate with experienced designers to solve the visual challenges of companies.

Validate your
media skills

Work with our producers creating original and high quality professional media that stands out.

DGM Consultant

DGM Consultant

Validate your
marketing skills

Carry out and develop advertising campaigns for established brands and news needing to be known.

Validate your
Internet skills

Collaborate with experienced developers to design and develop tailor-made IT solutions according to market needs.

DGM Consultant

DGM Consultant

Learn and validate your skills with the most effective European program in recent years!

Between 2014 and 2016 the members of our team were awarded several prizes such as the European youth award by the European Commission for establishing the basis of this unique program!

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