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Start your career with the 4-weeks training and challenge. Cooperate on the development of professional web projects to find out if this career choice is right for you.


1 COURSE (50 minutes)

From 01.11.2021 up to the 24.12.2021

DGM Consultant
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About this course

Since 2017 the crypto blogging workshops helped hundreds of learners to kickstart their crypto journey. Discover with how crypto bloggers are doing to start to earn out of their passion.

Learn how to earn crypto currencies for publishing on the blockchain.

Start your journey with a strong community and benefit from the social token. Publish your videos, photos and text on the blockchain and save your copyright with your own crypto blog /wallet.

Enjoy a open source decentralized platform for all users not owned by any company.

Be part of the blockchain based media economy.

We help you to setup your blog, get connected to community influencers as well as to organise local Meetups.

Earn crypto without investing fiat by publishing your content on the blockchain. You can trade your rewards on exchanges. Be part of the revolution!

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For Learners & Students

Explore your possibilities for career choices. Master the methods and tools of today's working world while validating your skills for your start in working life.


The experience can be done both face-to-face and remotely through our platform.

Opening oportunities

Discover career opportunities thanks to a wide choice possible thanks to our many partners.


Global School allows professional recognition of your skills through recognized experience.

Contents of the program

With this workshop you will learn how to publish on the blockchain.

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Mastering Markdown and editors to prototype and draft future posts

Prepare your account, your baseline and picture

Create and launch your account

Engage with the community


Let's develop your positioning and branding strategy

Create your editorial structure and plan

Find the best communities and contests

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Introduction and first post


Improve your content plan and promotion

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Our team is at your disposal to answer all your questions. Do not hesitate to contact us on +32 493 69 20 90.


Discover our program available all year round.

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Do you want to learn how to launch your business on internet and make profit by sharing on a topic you are passionated about ?

Then this page is for you! Because your prospects are increasingly using social networks to subscribe to training, events and buy your products and services. Good thing, you offer solutions to their problems. And we'll show you how to create high-quality content so you can be available when they need it most!

DGM Consultant

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Validate your
graphics skills

Cooperate with experienced designers to solve the visual challenges of companies.

Validate your
media skills

Work with our producers creating original and high quality professional media that stands out.

DGM Consultant

DGM Consultant

Validate your
marketing skills

Carry out and develop advertising campaigns for established brands and news needing to be known.

Validate your
Internet skills

Collaborate with experienced developers to design and develop tailor-made IT solutions according to market needs.

DGM Consultant

DGM Consultant

Learn and validate your skills with the most effective European program in recent years!

Between 2014 and 2016 the members of our team were awarded several prizes such as the European youth award by the European Commission for establishing the basis of this unique program!

Learn more about us

DGM Consultant

Explore the paths of your career!

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Find answers to the most frequently asked questions below

We do a lot of projects, of various sizes and complexity, so the range varies quite a bit. We can consider that a small project is generally charged around 80 to 300€ (excl. vat), while a project including social networks or a more complex website will start around 500 to 2 400€ (excl. vat).
Your project can be realized in a few days or more quickly if you have an emergency. Nevertheless, we advise a cooperation and work spread out in a maximum time so as to push the research and reflection together in a spirit of co-creation. A visual communication project or the creation of a complex website can take up to 1 or 2 months.
All projects are different and usually require a number of steps. However, we can simplify the process into 3 main steps:

1) You make your request

2) You decide among several proposals

3) We deliver to you

Payment methods

The following payment methods are accepted

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