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Drawing the wisdom guide of your capability system with features engineered from best practices used by leading institutions and crowd management companies worldwide.

Bianca Van Leela

Social media for social projects

Marlene Zajicek

Creative Process

Angeliki Angeletou

Visual Prototyping


Hiphop, rap artist

Ulrike Wolff


Oliver Roman

Building with trees

Christoph Mann

Communication Strategy

Xerses Voshgimir

Business Consulting

Bettina Loidhold

Public Relations

Michel Ouedraogo

International Project Management

Jonas Shine

Poetry slam and event moderation

Thierry Graziani

Human resources and crowdsourcing

Moussa Bakayoko

Digital Forensic

Claver Bogui

System Architechure

Gerault Foku

iA and Knowledge Databases

Rob Van Kranenburg


Vincent MC Doom


Jean Marteau



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We are proud to have Jean contributing as mentor together with the local team
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Course Highlight

Producing the Global Youth Calendar for Generation Europa.
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