How it works ?

Step 1

how many

chose how many calendars in the field below, then enter the information as requested by the web page (we need it to identify your payment).Decide on the amount of calendars you would like to receive the system will show you the recommended donation and the price for shipment according to your region and amount of calendars

Step 2

press pledge

Here you review your information and confirm your donation by pressing pledge, or press change to change your information

Step 3

receive email & donate

You (and we too) will receive an email with your donation information (ie. how many calendars you want to get) and the payment instructions. As soon as you get this email, please make the payment to our account. As soon as we receive your donation, we will ship the calendar :)

More about us

We also know that you are bring trust towards us. In order to to offer you personal contact you may contact Wolfgang Sieberth at or call at +436998 1611976, we will call you back.
Generation Europa is registered at the Austrian ZVR registry organisation, our ZVR Number: 924482282. You can also checkout our European Commission PIC: 944007008, our past kickstarter project or contact us for more information!

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