In order to achieve the Idea Machine work program and its features, Global School offers frameworks and an environment dedicated to a co-learning and co-creation experience through new media and innovation development.


The Global School was co-founded and initiated by Jean Marteau with the support of Option2.0 and Generation Europa after the Global Youth Exchange on the topic "Local Democracy In A Changing World" for which the team and network as a whole received the European Youth Project Awards.

First called IDM Open School, the Global School started as an experiment and local action of the Idea Machine Initiative in Vienna at the International Youth Hostel Brigittenau and at our partner location the School for refugees & Cafe "Prosa".


The idea further developed in the last years and now there is a regular class with students from all over the world running in Vienna during 3 weeks per month.

The co-learning experience was already honoured with several prices for youth empowerment. The mentors open their working environment and share their knowledge about the practise behind the theory. With real projects on the task list the students build their own career reference.


One of the main intention of Global School is to demonstrate that with the proper methodologies people from all education fields and levels can participate effectively in high innovation developement and become the first generation of educated users. That is why the Global School aims also to provide modern platforms and organizations benchmarking, asset validation, trainings, regulatory and franchise mechanisms through the developement of a tailored social impact experience. The certification program allows entrepreneurs and creatives to use the talent pool to support their professional process and projects.

What is The Globalschool?

The Globalschool is a multi sided work environment dedicated to co-learning and co creation through practice within the community lab (com-lab). To achive its goals the Globalschool invite in one side companies, organizations, collectives, independant freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs to join the mentor and talent pool. While also hosting training as well as providing licenses, certifications and franchise mechanisms. Through affiliation, there are real cases for the students joining from the other side open for an innovative knowledge transfer directly from remote field experts all around the world.


Each learner is unique

From new media, 3D, AI & blockchain prototyping, crypto & intelligences awareness through cryptoblogging, cryptoart, co-creation network & co-learning to administration, economy, sales, marketing or business consulting, you'll find mentors and trainers dedicated to empower you on your path to success.

The tailored training workshops experimented at global School can improve the skills of learners by all ages and sectors to bridge performance gaps.


Why we do

Have you heard about asset validation, talent management and knowledge transferability? Have a look.



to implement solutions



to communicate ideas



to share social impact



Today's technologies create new opportunities in the field of learning.



Youth work & collaboration with partners from more than 22 countries.

International teamwork

Co learning experiences.

Local framework

Key to the city

Digital framework

Key to platform

Global framework

Key to network

Senior Advisors

Transgenerational, mixed and diversified sources of support.

Silvie Beatrix

Global hospitality program

Jutta k.

Ma 18 City Planning Budget

Dr Philipe Reimisch

Futur of travel consortium

Peter Mann

Mixed leadership

Rob Van Kranenburg

Internet of Thins Europe

Georges Drouet

Prospektika Internationale

Vincent Mc Doom

Fashion Designer

Pascal Levent

ORTF Co-founder

Augmenting potentials

A transdiciplinarity approach to meet your needs.

Margaux de Laet

Psychiatry student

Stephanie Gosh

Event program

Angeliki Angeletou

Idea Machine Wien

Aniko Kiss

Health program

Mina Wolff

Creative program

Manuel Marklo

ERP systems

Vincent Agnano

Technology program

Bertille Auvray

European program

Wolfgang Sieberth

Learning program

Christoph Mann

Community alliance program

Jean Marteau

Innovation program



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Specialized in conceiving and implementing awareness raising campaigns in the sectors of development aid, education, arts and culture, environment and energy.


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